Folk improvisations. How the pandemic changes social norms?

Strona główna/English/Folk improvisations. How the pandemic changes social norms?

Our report describes the dynamics of the institutional order in the area of law and regulation, the business sector and the labour market, but similar dynamics could equally well be found in the area of local government and, more broadly, the functioning of public institutions.

An in-depth study could be carried out into the way in which different public institutions, operating at the local and regional level, have, on the one hand, responded to the recommendations coming from the central authorities and, on the other hand, interacted with each other from below to better coordinate the implemented measures.

On the basis of anecdotal evidence, one can venture to say that there have been varied reactions across the country – importantly, not always due to existing party divisions. It is probably not difficult to identify cases in which the management of various local institutions, often originating from different political backgrounds, coordinated the activities of subordinate units by calling each other “as old friends” and improvising on the spot.

Full report you can download here.

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