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Folk improvisations. How the pandemic changes social norms?

Our report describes the dynamics of the institutional order in the area of law and regulation, the business sector and the labour market, but similar dynamics could equally well be found in the area of local government and, more broadly, the functioning of public institutions. An in-depth study could be carried out into the way in which different public institutions, operating at the local and regional level, have, on the one hand, responded to the ...

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“The Economics of Intellectual Property and Openness” (my book!)

This book "The Economics of Intellectual Property and Openness" focuses on the economic aspects of intellectual property (IP). It includes considerations of the wider category of intangible assets. However, the primary focus is devoted to patents which the author argues are the most vivid example of the Tragedy of Intangible Abundance (TIA). TIA touches upon a key issue in the contemporary economy. On the one hand, there is an enormous supply of IP, yet, on ...

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[my comments] about poor legislation and pandemic fatigue

My text called "Poor legislation and pandemic fatigue will make Poland’s new lockdown hard to enforce" has been published by notesfrompoland.com. "They say that the law is not retroactive. But the way the Polish government has battled the pandemic has led to a situation in which the law does not work prospectively either. This is surprising, because early on in the pandemic it appeared that Poles had easily adapted to the legislative bungling and conformed ...

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About the economics of values at Grand Valley State University

I'm really satisfied, because students of Grand Valley State University, who have listened to my lectures, were very interested in the topic of the economics of values as well as the Open Eyes Economy movement. During my research stay in Grand Rapids (Michigan) I've conducted several lectures about values in business from a Polish perspective. The most common question was about the possibility of implementing such changes in a bottom-up manner. Some people suggested that ...

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Economics of Values – what is it?

In debates about the future of the economy people focus on the following issues, what technologies will appear as crucial for the forth tech revolution, which professions will be replaced with artificial intelligence, what would result from the great demographic transformation. Naturally, they are very important topics. However, among them there must be a certain general reflection on the way of doing business too. And this context is provided by the economics of values. In ...

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